Get the Party Started for Less: Rockville’s Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Speakers

Rockville is a brand that offers affordable PA speakers, studio monitors and Bluetooth speakers. Their range of Bluetooth speakers aims to provide good sound quality and volume at budget-friendly price points according to Rockville. From compact bookshelf speakers to larger party-level models, Rockville has wireless options for casual home listening to outdoor events and tailgating.

Popular Models

Rockville BluTube Tube 70W

  • Rugged design with built-in rechargeable battery (8-12 hours runtime)
  • 70 watt dual 3″ full range high output drivers
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) provides preset EQ modes for different audio types
  • Enhance bass mode with adjustable level control
  • Wireless range up to 50 feet; can connect to two Bluetooth devices at once
  • Mic input for using speaker as PA system; guitar input to play along
  • Price: Around $150

Rockville BPA12 Pro Powered Speaker

  • All-in-one 12″ powered speaker with built-in amplifier
  • 800 watt peak power handling (200 watts RMS)
  • Bluetooth connectivity and RCA line inputs
  • Adjustable high-pass filter, 3-band EQ; clip LED indicator
  • 10+ hours battery life; UL certified power supply
  • Stand mountable via pole mount; weighs 22 lbs
  • Casters, covers and additional speakers sold separately
  • Price: Around $200 per speaker

Reviews frequently highlight the solid volume and value offered by Rockville Bluetooth speakers given their affordable price points. Sound quality receives more mixed ratings but satisfies most customers for casual listening and outdoor use. Larger models with greater power can compete with more premium brands for SPL and performance. For PA sound, karaoke or outdoor events on a budget, Rockville’s powered Bluetooth speakers may appeal based on overall customer feedback.


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