Rock the House with Rockville Amplifiers

Looking for a powerful yet affordable amplifier? Rockville amplifiers deliver serious wattage at a reasonable price point.

Benefits of Rockville Amps

  • Lots of power for the money
  • Stable into low impedances
  • MOSFET power supplies
  • Variable bass boost
  • Optional wired bass remote

Rockville amps utilize quality components to output their rated power into real-world loads. You get loud, clean power to drive your speakers.

Monoblock and Multi-Channel Options

Choose from monoblock amps optimized for subwoofers or full-range multi-channel amps. Their RX Series models deliver up to 1600 watts RMS into 1 ohm loads.

Reliable Performance

Rockville amps are designed for years of bumpin’ audio performance. Overheating and short circuit protection keep them going strong. The sleek black aluminum heatsinks dissipate heat efficiently.

Get your system thumping with the high-value power of a Rockville amplifier. Experience big bass and clean sound without breaking the bank.


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