Rockville Pro Audio Speakers and Audio Electronics

Rockville designs and engineers pro audio speakers, amplifiers, microphones and other gear for live sound, studio recording and home theater applications. Their products aim to provide professional grade specs and performance at affordable prices for semi-pro and hobbyist audiences. With a range including PA speakers, studio monitors, Bluetooth speakers, amplifiers, mixers and more, Rockville aims to make studio and live audio equipment accessible for all those passionate about music and audio.


Rockville offers the following pro audio equipment:
•PA Speakers – Powered speakers, passive speakers, subwoofers and speaker bundles for live events, public address systems and recordings.
•Studio Monitors – 2-way and 3-way powered studio monitors for home recording, video production, podcasting and music practice.
•Bluetooth Speakers – Rechargeable Bluetooth PA speakers, studio monitors, guitar amps and boomboxes for wireless stereo sound.
•Power Amplifiers – High power amplifiers ranging from 800 to 6,000 watts per channel for powering passive speakers and subwoofers.
•Mixers – Analog and digital mixers, rotary mixers and powered mixers for combining, EQ’ing and adjusting multiple audio sources.
•Microphones – Dynamic vocal mics, instrument mics, condenser mics for studio and USB microphones for digital interfaces.
•Headphones – Studio headphones, DJ headphones, gaming headsets and kids’ headphones.
•Guitars and Guitar Amplifiers – Acoustic guitars, electric guitars and guitar combo amps.
•Karaoke Equipment – Professional karaoke mixers, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, lighting and song storage solutions.

Affordable Pro Audio

Rockville’s products aim to offer the following benefits:
•Professional specs and performance: Components, power, frequency range and other specs match pro audio brands at lower price points.
•High value: Ability to provide a full PA system, studio monitors or guitar amp at a fraction of the cost of competitor’s equipment.
•Beginner-friendly: For those new to live sound or recording, Rockville aims to make pro audio equipment more accessible to start.
•Durability: Rugged, roadworthy designs withstand the demands of frequent transport and heavy use. Powder coated finishes prevent scratches and dents.
•Ease of use: Simple interfaces with plug and play connectivity allow for quick, uncomplicated setup, operation and teardown.

Rockville’s passion for high-quality audio at attainable prices aims to give musicians, audio engineers, videographers and live sound techs the gear to pursue their craft. For over 20 years, they have engineered pro audio equipment to unleash your creative talents – amplification without limits, the Rockville way. The thrill of your performance, passions and creations shared at full volume for all – find your voice and turn it up with Rockville.


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